iPSC Banking

iPSC21 BioBank

Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Banking: iPSC21 BioBank for Long Term Cryo Storage of Your iPSCs – Protect Your Future

Once we have generated induced pluripotent stem cells and characterized them, we will cryogenically freeze them.

Benefits of iPSC Banking:

  • You will have your own immortal cell line
  • Your iPSCs are an unlimited supply of Stem Cells
  • Your iPSCs can be used to make any required type of cell for established treatments
  • Your iPSCs can produce you an unlimited supply of personal Growth Factors
  • Your iPSCs can be used as a personal drug testing tool
  • Your iPSCs can be used for any future cellular medicine based innovations such as your own organ generation

iPSC21 Cryo Storage Facility

Liquid Nitrogen Suspension (-196 C)

Long Term Cryogenic Presvervation

iPSC21 BioBank for Long Term Cryo Storage

All vials of your autologous fibroblasts & iPSCs are frozen under the iPSC21 cryogenic freezing protocol, following international standards. The cells undergo a step freezing program and are stored long term in liquid nitrogen suspension at -196 degree celsius.

All customers who purchase the iPSC21 iPSC Banking Program will be given a full certification of analysis for the generation of the iPSCs and for the cryogenically frozen stem cells held in our BioBank. At present, your iPSCs can be used for mass culture of your autologous iPSC-derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) for therapeutic treatment of disease and aging. We will continuously introduce other differentiated cell types derived from your iPSCs for various treatments.

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